In our residential improvements we use or try to use the highest quality and most affordable products that can be used for our customers budget plans. We hand pick all lumber for the highest quality in our construction jobs and never let any hardware store pick out our materials because quality is an important factor in a long lasting job.







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We make old homes & commercial buildings stand out with professional


First off just want to thank everyone that takes the time to look and read this.

My name is Brad Goodman CEO/Founder of Goodman's Handyman Service located in Henry, TN. I was born and raised in a little town called Dyersburg in West Tennessee while growing up. I started my career in construction at the age of 17. I started off in my uncles masonry business as a labor carrying blocks, bricks, mixing mortar and setting up scaffolding to help brick homes. 

Whether your home or commercial buildings are new, old, big or small, our skilled staff has our clients covered from their flooring needs to their roof tops. There's not much that we can't repair, remove, restore or rebuild. 20 + Years hands-on-experience.

Here's what our clients can expect out of our contractors and our services here at Goodman's Handyman Service. As our customer you will receive the highest standers in our products and our services at all times. Our company understands that not every customer can afford the highest grade materials, so that's why we try our best to accommodate every need possible by offering high, mid and low grade materials to our customers. With that being said no matter what clients can afford you will still be assured of quality work by our contractors in our construction company.


Our construction business will price match

and beat our competitors by 10% as long as they are using the same product or a product that is equivalent to what our contractors are using and following the correct procedures set forth by both the state and manufacturers specifications on installing the product.   


In our commercial repairs or in any repairs, residential or commercial we try to use the highest grade materials that we can possibly use. Reason behind this is because the higher the grade the better the product is built and so forth. No matter what grade of materials we use here, we promise to get the most out of it for our customers.

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At Goodman's Handyman Service we care about appearance and our quality that we give to our customers. We're here to help with your building needs and will assure our customers of a quality job every time through our written warranty program.

When coming through our company you will also be assured of honesty,moral principles, loyalty and communications about your project(s) and what problems may have araised that need to be fixed and not hidden by a contractor.

If your wanting competitive prices, work that will be done right call me and get our Fee non-obligation estimate.